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Andrew Guan

"失败乃成功之母 - Failure is the mother of success."

Ancient Chinese Proverb

Key Service Areas

  • Family Law and Divorce
  • Estate Planning and Administration
  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation Services


Legal Assistant - Kerry Nowicki

About Andrew

What types of legal issues do you help individuals and businesses resolve?

I have a diversified practice portfolio in family law, estate planning, and litigation services. In all these areas of law, I enjoy connecting with my clients to create personalized and effective legal solutions according to their individualized and unique needs. For example, in family law, I provide counseling to help clients navigate through their divorces and assist in achieving appropriate parenting time and child custody. In estate planning, I assist clients in drafting appropriate legal documents including trusts and wills to fulfill their wishes for bequeathing their inheritances. In litigation services, I assist clients from drafting an initial demand letter to filing a Complaint to start a lawsuit. I take pride in talking with my clients to create effective legal strategies toward their desired goals.

What skills help you advise the client and achieve the best results or outcomes?

Genuine interactions with clients. In each of my practice areas, every client has a unique set of facts that require individualized tailoring to achieve the best results. I enjoy talking with my clients through their legal problems to create the right solutions unique to them.

How do any of your community interests or activities facilitate how you represent your client?

As a former Collegiate and National level swimmer, perseverance through hardship, time management, and interpersonal skills are all valuable skills that have facilitated how I represent my clients today. Being able to meet deadlines and work through difficult cases that genuinely challenge my knowledge is the pinnacle of my work. Having experienced rigorous swimming practices and leading a team to success has led me to assist clients through emotional and difficult situations to create personalized and successful legal solutions.


Michigan State University College of Law, J.D., Cum Laude, 2023

New York University, B.A., Politics, Business Studies, Psychology, NYU University Honors Scholar, 2020

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a lawyer?


I enjoy listening to my clients and then being able to match their legal concerns with solutions. This could be listening to a divorced mother wanting to spend more time with her child and filing the appropriate motion for parenting time; listening to a grandmother talk fondly about each of her grandchildren and forming an appropriate trust or will; or listening to a business owner be deprived of a contractual agreement and filing a Complaint to the court. No matter what my clients want to talk about, I am always happy to listen to what they want to share and apply my legal knowledge and experience to assist with their concerns.


Grand Rapids Bar Association, Member

Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce, Member

State Bar of Michigan, Member

Bar Admission


Awards and Recognition

Jurisprudence Achievement Award for Tax Policy Seminar, Michigan State College of Law

Jurisprudence Achievement Award for Professional Responsibility, Michigan State College of Law

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