Is Rhoades McKee the right place for you?

To be at your professional best, you want to find the work environment that best suits your style and your definition of excellence. Ask yourself which of these factors are most important to you in practicing law:

  • A business culture where exceptional client service is the norm, not the exception.
  • A work environment where colleagues are extraordinarily cooperative, relaxed and friendly.
  • A law firm where you do not have to be concerned about being put in a "cubicle" writing memos for senior lawyers for years to come... a law firm where you will be expected to have client contact in your first year of practice.
  • A broad and diversified law practice that encourages inter-disciplinary teamwork.
  • An environment with close mentoring relationships, and where professional development is nurtured.
  • A firm large enough to accommodate your desire to experience various areas of law practice or to develop your future practice in one of our firm's many specialty areas.
  • A management team that thrives on giving new associates meaningful responsibility and early client contact. An atmosphere where cultivating diversity is a daily strategy for continuing the success of the firm internally and externally.
  • A firm that rewards outstanding professionals who fulfill client and collegial expectations and continue to develop their legal talent.
  • A firm where every associate is expected to ultimately achieve shareholder status and participate in the management of the firm.
  • A community with a rich and diverse cultural heritage located only a short distance from the unparalleled recreational bounty of the Lake Michigan shoreline. If getting to work in about 15 or 20 minutes sounds appealing, that is another reason to consider the quality of life enjoyed by most Rhoades McKee attorneys. Experience gridlock on a weekend visit to Detroit, Chicago or Cincinnati, and not on your daily commute.

If most of these characteristics are important to you, you'll find Rhoades McKee much to your liking.

While we prefer to choose our new associates from attorneys who participate in our summer clerkship program, we continue to review resumes from other third year law students who show evidence of good academic performance and personal integrity.

We are an equal opportunity employer. All hiring decisions are made without regard to race, gender, age, religion, disability, ethnic background or national origin. If you are interested in applying to Rhoades McKee for an associate position, please send your letter of introduction and resume to Ms. Shawn Hagan, Human Resources Manager.

Why would I want to call West Michigan home?

For over 50 years, Rhoades McKee has been providing services to West Michigan. Only minutes from Lake Michigan and countless in-land lakes, Grand Rapids has a vibrant and developing downtown community and expanding suburban living options. The West Michigan region offers countless cultural, entertainment, sporting, recreation and advancing educational opportunities. We invite you to view and learn more about the area by providing links to the following sites: