Arbitration and Mediation

We understand that legal disputes can be time consuming, costly, and, sometimes, very public. The growing practice of arbitration and mediation can be a practical, cost-effective alternative for clients who wish to avoid some of those potential drawbacks.

When clients seek resolution using arbitration and mediation, they can resolve legal disputes outside the courtroom and keep personal matters out of the public record. Some clients also feel like they have greater control in determining the outcome of the case when they pursue this route, rather than seeking a final determination from a judge or a court.

When clients choose arbitration, it is a binding process. The parties agree to select a neutral, experienced lawyer to act as a substitute for a judge to resolve a specific issue. Both parties must agree to arbitration and the court cannot order it without consent of the parties.

If clients choose mediation, a trained mediator works with the parties to negotiate and identify alternatives to resolve the legal dispute.

Our attorneys are experienced in both arbitration and mediation and their peers have recognized their efforts and negotiation skills. This practice area has been ranked by U.S. News Best Lawyers as a Tier 1 Best Law Firm for Mediation.

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Arbitration and Mediation Bruce Neckers

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To learn more about our arbitration and mediation services or speak with an attorney, connect with us below or call Bruce at 616.233.5217.

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