Mergers and Acquisitions

Our Mergers and Acquisitions specialists assist buyers, sellers, shareholders, investors, lenders, and business brokers to plan, evaluate, manage, negotiate, and close business transactions of all sizes. From choosing a strategy and structuring a transaction to managing post-closing integration, our mergers and acquisitions attorneys will provide you with creative yet practical solutions and strategies to solve the business, financing, employment, tax, real estate, intellectual property, and environmental issues that may arise in your acquisition or sale.

We stand ready to help with all aspects of the merger and acquisition process, including:

  • Exit and succession planning
  • Strategizing and planning a transaction
  • Preparing for a business transaction or divestiture
  • Advising on the purchase of distressed businesses
  • Reviewing broker engagement agreements
  • Negotiating and documenting transaction documents
  • Reviewing and negotiating financing instruments (including seller financing)
  • Assisting with permits and licensing (including liquor licenses)
  • Conducting due diligence (including environmental due diligence)
  • Closing the transaction
  • Addressing post-closing matters (such as purchase price adjustments, inventory and accounts receivable issues, transition matters, integration issues, and estate planning)
  • Representation of buyers, sellers, and creditors with respect to the sale of distressed businesses

We serve our merger and acquisition clients in a variety of industries including manufacturing, transportation, dental and medical practices, professional service firms, radio stations, golf courses, retail centers, as well as waste management companies.

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Jon Siebers M&A Attorney and Real Estate Attorney

Jon Siebers | attorney

To learn more about our mergers and acquisitions services and team members, connect with us below or call Jon at 616.233.5226.

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