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Recognized by U.S. News Best Lawyers as a Tier 1 Best Law Firm, our professional defense attorneys represent physicians, other medical licensed professionals, attorneys, real estate brokers, real estate sales agents, as well as accountants.

Because we are a full-service firm, our attorneys are able to obtain critical input from other attorneys practicing in areas such as business, tax, and real estate law. An experienced staff supports us, including registered nurse paralegals and a former IRS agent.

Our insurance defense attorneys are experienced not only in trying cases before judges, juries and administrative tribunals but also in guiding our clients through arbitration and mediation proceedings in an attempt to seek a reasonable out of court settlement. While we make every effort to resolve our client’s case prior to trial, if it is necessary to take the case to a judge, jury, or administrative tribunal, our defense attorneys are experienced and highly skilled litigators. In West Michigan, we are the legal team that other attorneys seek to defend licensure and malpractice claims, including claims with damages exceeding $20 million.

Our physician and professional defense attorneys publish a Michigan Appeals Court Blog.  As each decision is reported, the physician and professional defense team reviews the decision and provides a summary and the implications to stay abreast of recent decisions. Recent articles include:

Our record of success in the courtroom speaks for itself. If an appeal is necessary, or the opposing party has filed an appeal, our appellate attorneys are fully prepared to brief and argue our client’s case before any federal or state appellate court.



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Mark Fatum Medical Malpractice Defense Attorney

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To learn more about our professional defense services or speak with an attorney, connect with us below or call Mark at 616.233.5162.

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