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The estate planning and administration group assist clients in preserving, administering and transferring wealth for future generations. Rhoades McKee attorneys invest deeply in our clients and understand both the legal and personal issues that surround estate planning and administration. We help clients plan so that they can eliminate or reduce taxes and avoid court intervention in their affairs. Some tools we use to help clients complete an estate plan include:

Trusts are often of long-term benefit to a family and proper administration of a Trust over time helps prevent problems. We understand each client’s unique family situation and keep the big picture in mind as we advise trustees about their duties and beneficiaries about their rights. We also prepare federal estate tax returns and assist in the tactical decisions to divide and distribute assets upon a client’s death. In addition, we are experienced in obtaining court-ordered trust modifications or instructions on specific issues in trust administration.

Even with proper planning, there are instances when families seek court intervention. When that happens, we represent clients in the administration of probate estates, guardianships, conservatorships and trust actions. For more information, view our probate litigation service page.

Our estate planning team will begin with a discussion to understand your family, your long-term goals, identify the best vehicles to secure the future you intend and present you with a fixed fee schedule.

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To learn more about our estate planning and administration services or speak with an attorney, connect with us below or call Pam at 616.233.5181.

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