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While litigation attorneys may have the skills and expertise to bring a case to trial, pursuing or defending an appeal requires specialized appellate experience. This experience includes detailed knowledge of the procedural rules applicable on an appeal, an ability to distill points of error from the lower court record, and the requisite skill to draft an effective appellate brief that succinctly describes the relevant facts and legal issues.

Our team has handled over 100 appellate cases since 1999. In addition to supporting all of our own litigation attorneys when their cases are appealed, we are able to assist attorneys outside of Rhoades McKee with whatever appellate issues they are currently facing. We offer a full range of services, extending from simply reviewing and commenting on briefs, to drafting appellate briefs or handling an appeal from filing to oral argument. Regardless of the level of assistance sought, we tailor our services to the client’s needs and are often able to offer a flat fee arrangement depending upon the complexity of the case.

At Rhoades McKee, our clients benefit from a strong, experienced appellate legal team working hard to achieve the best possible outcome in the most efficient manner.

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Gregory Timmer Appellate Attorney

Greg Timmer | attorney

To learn more about our appellate legal services or speak with an attorney, connect with us below or call Greg at 616.233.5132.

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