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Navigating the Michigan Divorce Process

The guidance you need, the resolution you deserve.

When a marriage ends, spouses and their children often face a perfect storm of stressful decisions:  new living arrangements, child support, spousal support, the division of property or a business,  as well as custody and parenting time.   Our family law and divorce attorneys represent individuals in a variety of matters including pre-marital and paternity, divorce and separation, child custody, child support modification, enforcement of court orders, and guardianships.  Selecting the right team for your family is critical to navigating the divorce process.  Before retaining a lawyer, we suggest interviewing 2 or 3 attorneys and asking these key questions:

  1. What position or strategy will you use in my case?
  2. How long will it take to resolve my case?
  3. What is the breakdown of costs including the retainer, your hourly fees, and the fees of others such as accountants, appraisers or psychologists?
  4. How often are your cases resolved in trial instead of mediation?
  5. What are other specialists available to you when negotiating on my behalf?
  6. What are the tax consequences of my divorce?
  7. How does your firm help me identify the issues regarding the division of a property, assets or the value of a business?
  8. How does your firm help me understand and identify the issues regarding the division of real estate, a business or other assets?
  9. What can I expect regarding how frequently you will communicate with me? How will I be notified of any developments in my case?
  10. Will I receive copies of the documents filed with the Court, copies of the communication with my spouse’s attorney,  and any other documents related to my case?

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“While helping me grapple with a new reality, Paul carefully and systematically exposed my husband’s double-life and the diversion and waste of significant assets he tried hiding through his business. Always responsive, he handled the economic issues with laser focus while at the same time handling the emotional issues with great empathy – a rare combination of attributes. With the expertise of Paul and his excellent support staff, the outcome of my divorce has given me great peace-of-mind.” 


“When I needed help, Suanne came alongside me and provided wisdom, insight and clarity. When I couldn’t see the way, she was my navigator. Thanks to her, my children and I are safe and enjoying a fresh start. Suanne has a remarkable knowledge of the legal system, an outstanding ability to understand my specific situation, and the ability to design careful, realistic, and positive solutions. She is creative, compassionate and courageous.”


“I wanted someone who would really listen and put what I wanted at the forefront.  Tom and his team really listened and came up with an approach that fit me.”


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