Our world has changed. Our employees, how we work, our risk and the business environment have all shifted. Successful organizations will embrace the changes and seize the opportunities created by them.

In this session, we will highlight 10 areas organizational leaders such as CFOs, CEOs, and HR and risk managers should be aware of. We will provide a five-minute update on most of the topics, so you walk away with an executive summary. Because of its multifaceted impact to you, your business and your employees, we will spend a little more time on the Michigan auto insurance law to gain a better understanding of its impact.

Join Us & Understand:

  • Strategies Post Pandemic:
    • Trade Credit – Protecting Your Receivables
    • New Top 5 Employee Benefits
    • Self-funding/Captives – Self-funding as a Business Opportunity
  • What Does Workplace Safety Mean Now?
  • The Next Hidden Illness
  • Virtual Villains
  • Workplace Culture Evolution
  • Office Space Reimagined
  • The Employment Law Minefield
  • Caution: Financial Hazards in the Michigan Auto Law

Who Should Attend?

  • CFOs
  • CEOs
  • HR and Risk Managers

Event Details


Wednesday, June 10 2020


9:00 AM – 10:15 AM | Webinar

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