(August 4, 2015) Pine Rest Employee Assistance Program/Church Assistance Program (EAP/CAP), www.Pinerest.org/EAP, has partnered with West Michigan law firm Rhoades McKee, for free consultation services and discounted hourly rates for its EAP/CAP members.

“I’m so pleased that we can offer this service to our members through the EAP/CAP,” says Bob VandePol, Pine Rest EAP/CAP Executive Director. “This new service is unique in the EAP/CAP industry in that the legal consultation services are provided locally, not someone across the country by phone. It’s consistent with the philosophy of our EAP/CAP – high touch, expert, local service. We have built a solid, trusting relationship with Rhoades McKee.”

Worrying about a legal matter can be highly stressful and distracting, making it hard to concentrate on work or cope with life issues. When you need a legal opinion speaking with an attorney can be helpful.

The Pine Rest EAP/CAP Legal Consultation Service offers:

  • Free Consultation – Rhoades McKee attorneys are available to provide up to 30 minutes of free telephonic consultation. The purpose of the initial consultation is to help the client understand some of the issues related to the legal matter. The attorney will explain options and the costs associated with each and may also provide general advice.
  • Discounted Hourly Rates – If clients retain or use a Rhoades McKee attorney beyond the consultation they will receive a 20% discount off the attorney’s normal hourly rate.

Rhoades McKee’s attorney Thomas L. Saxe will manage the Legal Consultation Service for the Pine Rest EAP/CAP.  The legal services available include but are not limited to estate planning and administration, family law and divorce, personal injury, probate matters and tax and business matters.

“Rhoades McKee is honored to have the privilege of providing Pine Rest’s EAP/CAP members with the highest level of legal services, and we look forward to working closely with Pine Rest, all of its employees and the EAP/CAP members,” said Saxe, a shareholder with the law firm.

Response time will usually be the same day and certainly within one business day. This new service began August 1, 2015.

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