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  • Legal Documents Every College Student Should Have

    August 5, 2019

    As fall quickly approaches, my oldest child will soon be leaving for college.  We have begun the process of packing and I have learned that the typical college-bound student’s packing list will include “essential items” such as a mini fridge, laptop computer, cell phone, clothes, and shower shoes.  There is one other item that I, […]

  • Young Families Need Estate Planning Too!

    February 19, 2019

    “I am not old enough for an estate plan.” “Wills and Trusts are for the rich.  All I have is debt and kids.” “Who me?  I’m still healthy.” All of these are common responses when parents of young children are asked if they have prepared an estate plan.  But consider the consequences…. When parents leave […]

  • Key Questions to Ask A Potential Divorce Lawyer

    January 23, 2018

    Before retaining a divorce lawyer, we suggest asking the following questions to any potential attorney interviewed: As my divorce lawyer, what position or strategy will you use in my case? How long will it take to resolve my case? What is the breakdown of costs that I would receive from a divorce lawyer including a […]

  • State Licensing Investigations

    October 30, 2017

    Who can file a complaint with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)? In Michigan, anyone can file a complaint with LARA against a nurse, physician, mental healthcare provider, or most other licensed professionals.  The complaint describes an alleged violation of the law or standard of care regarding a patient.  The complaint must […]

  • Health Professionals Recovery Program

    October 27, 2017

    What is the Health Professionals Recovery Program (HPRP)? The Health Professional Recovery Program (HPRP) is a program designed to encourage healthcare professionals, including physicians or nurses who may suffer from substance abuse or mental health disorders, to seek help in a confidential and non-disciplinary process.  The HPRP is administered by a private contractor under the […]

  • Administrative Complaints, Compliance Conferences and Administrative Hearings

    October 24, 2017

    What is an administrative complaint? If an investigation by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) reveals information that LARA believes warrants a penalty, then LARA will proceed to file an administrative complaint against a healthcare provider.  Administrative complaints describe the alleged breach in the applicable standard of care or violation of Michigan law.  […]

  • Michigan’s DAPT Law Helps Protect Assets from Creditors

    March 8, 2017

    Governor Snyder recently signed Michigan’s Qualified Dispositions in Trusts Act, which takes effect on March 8, 2017.  In so doing, Michigan joins 16 other states that permit a particular form of trust commonly known as “domestic asset protection trust” (or DAPT).  A DAPT is an irrevocable trust whose assets the grantor’s creditors cannot reach if […]

  • Michigan Legislature Abolishes Dower

    January 22, 2017

    Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation on January 6, 2017 abolishing a surviving wife’s dower right in her deceased husband’s property, making Michigan the final state to eliminate this law. However, some states still retain a form of dower, but in order to prevent discrimination on the basis of sex, they offer a reciprocal right to […]

  • How Does the Election Impact Estate and Gift Taxes?

    November 20, 2016

    (November 21, 2016) The recent election could mean significant changes in estate and gift tax laws.  We believe recent regulatory efforts to abolish valuation discounts will effectively be suspended, and the federal estate/gift tax may soon be repealed. Under current federal estate and gift tax laws, a person is typically taxed at about a 40% […]

  • New Ruling Impacts Child Support for Children over 18

    November 17, 2016

    (November 17, 2016) In a published opinion, the Michigan Court of Appeals has clarified the meaning of “full-time basis” for child support after a child’s 18th birthday.  In Weaver v Giffels, the Court of Appeals reversed a ruling by a Kalamazoo Circuit Court Judge which allowed child support beyond a child’s 18th birthday under the […]

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